Die Zwillinge Kulwa und Dotto zogen im Januar 2015 ins Nikolaushaus. Ihre Mutter war bereits 2006 verstorben, der Vater 2010. Die älteste Schwester bemühte sich jahrelang, ihre jüngeren Geschwister zu versorgen, obwohl sie selbst damals erst 14 Jahre alt war. Schliesslich kamen die Zwillinge zu uns. Heute sind die beiden bereits 18 Jahre alt und beenden bald die Schule.

The twins Kulwa and Dotto moved to St. Nicholaus in January 2015. Sadly their mother died in 2006 and their father in 2010. The oldest sister did her best to take care of her younger siblings although she was only 14 years old at that time. Finally the twins came to live with us. Today they are already 18 years old and are currently completing their school education.