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We have moved in! September 13, 2011

Dear Friends and Supporters of St. Nicholaus Children´s Center Kemondo!

On Saturday, September 17th we finally moved into St. Nicholaus with the first nine children. And it is only today that I can share this news per e-mail. As it was to be expected the first week was rather tough and I had no moment to sit down. But now after the first week, the children have settled down, a routine is beginning to form and I feel that we are slowly but surely arriving at our new home.

So far we have only the most important furniture such as beds, tables and chairs and the most important household items. The workmen are still working on some parts of the center. At present, we are drawing water from two large poly tanks and are carrying the water in buckets into the house. By December or January we hope to have water piped into our house. At least, since September we are in the rain season and there is no lack of water.

At present, one other caretaker who has been caring for a severely disabled child for 3 years and I are living with the children at St. Nicholaus. Other women from the neighborhood take turns in the mornings and afternoons to help us with cooking, cleaning, washing etc. Most co-workers are new and are working on a temporary basis. It will take time until we have figured out a routine and schedule that will work best for us. The non-disabled children are attending a nearby school. The disabled children are at home because there is no special school in the area. By next year I will look for a teacher for them.

Rev. Bishop Nestor Timanywa will officially open the center on October 13th. We are expecting about 300 guests. There is lots to do until then! Attached you will find some pictures.

We also finally launched a website: www.nikolaushaus.com Make sure you click on the British flag in the right corner (top) for the English text.

Blessings, Stefanie and a house full of noisy kids