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Help us give the Nicholaus children a better future!
The Nicholaus children need foster parents, friends, guardian angels, companions who also financially support them. The children’s accommodation, clothing, the educational and medical support, as well as other needs are financed with that. Be a long term support for the children. Become a foster parent!

St.-Nicholaus-Children´s-CenterEdithaEDITHA (born 2011) joined our family in February 2017. At that time she was 6 years old and weighed only 15 lbs!! She has a Microcephalus, Epilepsy, Cerebral Palsy and a mental disability. But inspite of her disabilities she is awake and alert, watching everything going on around her. She cannot talk but she is making little happy sounds. Her mother lives in our neighborhood but being a single mother she was overwhelmed caring for Editha.

MENRAD (born 2009) His mother died when he was two years old. Since then he lived with his grandmother. In September 2017 the grandmother died unexpectedly. Menrad then came to live with us. His older sister Annajoyce has been with us since 2012. In January 2018 Menrad started first grade. He is a happy child who easily finds friends.

ADVENTINA (born 2003)  is the third born of five children. Together with her brothers Menrad and Kaijage she grew up with her grandmother after the mother of the children had died. Since January 2018 she is attending 9th grade and living at boarding school. During the school holidays she comes to stay with us at St. Nicholaus. She is two years older than her sister Annajoyce and the two girls look alike a lot!

KAIJAGE (born 2002)  is the oldest boy in the family. He and his siblings grew up at their grandmother’s after the children’s mother had died. He is very mature and responsible for his age. Together with is sister Adventina he is in 9th grade and lives at boarding school. He comes to stay with us during the school holidays.

ROSIE (born 2016) In December 2017 Rosie was found abandoned. Luckily she was found in time and was taken to us. Rosie has Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy. Because of her disabilities she is developmentally delayed. However, she is healthy and she is blessed with a good appetite!

ELLIETH (Jahrgang 2007) In October 2017 the mother of Ellieth died of AIDS. Ellieth and her two siblings Erick and Alicia then came to live with their grandmother. However, the grandmother is in her 70ies and does not have the strength anymore to raise three little children. Therefore, Ellieth and her siblings moved to St. Nicholaus in January 2018. Prior to living with us Ellieth had not been attending school. Now she is in a special class for children who are too old to attend first grade. Ellieth is a lovely girl. She has easily adjusted to living with us and has found new friends among our other kids.

ERICK (born 2008)  is the brother of Ellieth and Alicia. He is a bundle of energy who loves to bounce around. Together with his sister Ellieth he is attending a special class for children who are not fit to join first grade. School has been difficult for him.

ALICIA (Born 2014) is the little sister of Ellieth and Erick. During the first weeks of living at St. Nicholaus she cried a lot and clung to her big sister. But by now Alicia has adjusted well. She is attending kindergarten at St. Nicholaus and has found new friends among our children.

MATUNGWA (born 2003) grew up in a nursing home run by the state. In January 2018 social services decided to move out all the children and teens who had been living at this nursing home. This is how Matungwa, Joas and Sebastian came to live with us. Matungwa started 8th grade in January 2018. Together with Kaijage and Adventina he is living at the same boarding school and comes to live with us during the school holidays.

JOAS (born 2004) Social services brought Joas to us. He grew up in a public nursing home together with Matungwa and Sebastian. Since January 2018 he is attending 6th grade at a school near our house. He has adjusted well and is a quiet boy.

SEBASTIAN (born 2006)  also joined us in January 2018 together with Matungwa and Joas. He is a charming boy. He attends 5th grade of a nearby school.

GEORGE (born 2016) was brought to us in January 2018 by social services. Both his parents are in prison which is why he is now living with us. During his first days with us, George cried a lot and refused to eat. By now he is doing well and eating is his new favorite activity. He walks and talks but also loves to be carried, to be fussed over and to be loved.

Hadija BelinaHADIJA BELINA (born 2009) joined us in August 2016. She is blind since birth. She was born prematurely and her eyes had not matured yet. Unfortunately, this condition cannot be treated. We first met Hadija in 2012. Now her mother returned to us to look for more help since she is a single mother of three. Hadija came to live with us at St. Nicholaus. Since January 2017 she is going to a special class for blind children. The mother stays in touch.

AtugonzaATUGONZA ADELINA (born 2013) came to live with us in September 2016. She was born blind. Her mother was very young when she had Atugonza. She left the child with relatives and looked for a job. In the beginning of 2016 Atugonza was found abandoned and the case was reported to the police and to the social welfware office. The mother was sent to prison for 6 months and Atugonza was first sent to an orphanage for infants and from there she came to live with us. Atugonza has made big steps in her development. The mother has been released from prison and now comes to visit Atugonza on a regular basis.

ASHRAF (born 2008)  joined our family in January 2015, right after his mother had drowned while bathing in the lake and suffering an epileptic seizure. We have known Ashraf and his mother since 2011. His mother had taken him to our weekly clinic on Saturdays for therapy. Ashraf has a hydrocephalus, cerebral palsy, he is blind and he has epilepsy. His mother raised him alone and lived in very poor conditions. Ashraf loves music and responds happily when spoken to. He shows joy and is a very lovable child.

IRENE (born 2012) is the little sister of Ashraf. We have known her since her mother was pregnant with her. In January 2015 when her mother died, we took Irene home with us. Irene has adjusted quickly to her big new family. She is a healthy, sweet little girl.

BONIFANS (born 2014) On Friday, October 2nd we received our 27th child! Bonifans is the little brother of Ashraf and Irene who have been part of our St. Nicholaus Family since January. At that time the mother of the three children died in an accident. Ashraf and Irene came to live with us right away. Bonifans was only 3 months old at then and we we took him to another orphanage that is specialized in caring for infants. In less than 2 weeks Bonifans will celebrate his first Birthday – that is old enough to rock our house together with his 26 siblings. Bonifans is a very handsome, quiet and peaceful child. Thanks to the fact that he has been cared for at a very good orphanage he is healthy and well fed and has developed according to his age. We are happy that he is with us now!

SAMUEL KULWA (born 2002) is the first born of the twins. In Tanzania all twins are named Kulwa (the firstborn) and Dotto (the second). Kulwa`s mother died in 2006, the father in 2010. The family was not poor, but after the money that the parents had left their four children was used up, the children started to suffer. The oldest sister is six years older than the twins and tried to take care of them and her younger sister but she was overwhelmed with this task. The children are HIV positive and are on treatment. We received them in January 2015. They are going to school now and have adjusted quickly. Both boys love to ride the bikes. MUSA DOTTO (born 2002) He is the twin of Samuel. He is very smart and the dominant twin.

MWESIGA (born 2009) Mwesiga is the oldest of three children. His mother is mentally disabled, his father died in 2013. After his death, relatives looked after Mwesiga and his brother Kalokola. The youngest child is still an infant and lives with his mother. Mwesiga and Kalokola came to us in March 2014. Mwesiga is mentally disabled.

KALOKOLA (born 2011) is the little brother of Mwesiga. In March 2014 he came to us with his brother. He is a smart little boy, the same age as Chiara. He is developing well. His dimples are melting everybody’s heart…

MWOLOKOZI (born 2013) He is the little brother of Mwesiga and Kalokola who came to live with us in March 2014. At that time Mwolokozi was still a baby and his mother did not want to let go of him. The father of the three boys passed away in 2013, the mother is mentally challenged.

EDITHA (born 2009) is the twin sister of Edina. She was very much delayed in her development and is very short for her age. Editha just learned to walk after she came to St. Nicholaus. By now, she is running through the house along with the other kids. She has started talking and is catching up with her development.

EDINA (born 2009) and Editha are twins. Their mother is mentally disabled and has five children who are all not living with her. The twins came to us in October 2013. They were very much delayed in their development and very short for their age. Edina is very kind hearted and loves to look after the small and disabled children at St. Nicholaus.

SAFURA (geb. 2006) has cerebral palsy and is mentally disabled. She is able to walk with a walking aid. Her mother too is mentally disabled. Mother and daughter resemble each other a lot in looks and behavior. The mother is not able to care for Safura. For several years Safura lived with an elderly woman who is not a relative. This woman is suffering from various health problems and she asked us to take Safura into St. Nicholaus. Safura came to us in August 2014. She has adjusted well to the new environment. She is very kind to the other children and is always ready to comfort a crying child.

CHIARA (born 2011) At present, Chiara is our youngest child at the center and she knows how to take advantage of this. Her mother passed away in April 2012 and Chiara came to St. Nicholaus. Her father comes to visit her regularly. When she first came, Chiara was far behind in her development. By now she has caught up with her peers. She runs around and knows how to use her charming personality to get what she wants.

MTAGWABA (born 2009) has cerebral palsy and a mental disability. Since July 2012 he has been living at St. Nicholaus. His father comes to visit him regularly but the mother has left the family. Mtagwaba does not speak and it is difficult to communicate with him. Since he has been with us, he has grown a lot and is developing well.

CHRISTOPH (born 2007) was abandoned in 2010. The social service department took him to a public nursing home because no other institution was willing or able to care for his special needs since he is severely physically disabled. In May 2011 he moved to St. Nicholaus. Christoph is a clever and charming boy. He is able to talk and because of his sunny personality he has many friends. Since Janury 2012 he attends a local kindergarten.                                                                              

 ANITA (born 2007) is an orphan and first lived in an orphanage. In September 2011 she moved to St. Nicholaus. She attends primary school and is a happy and self-confident child.

MAGDALENA (born 2003) is an abandoned child as well and grew up at the hospital until she moved to St. Nicholaus in September 2011. She goes to primary school. She enjoys school. Magdalena is a role model for the younger girls at St. Nicholaus. Often times she helps to take care of the small childrend.

NAZALIUS (born 2002) is the son of the foster mother who took care of Maria for many years. Today this foster mother lives and works as a caregiver at St. Nicholaus together with her son. Nazalius attends the same class as Joseph. Sometimes they are best friends, other times they are competitors. Nazalius is a charming and clever boy.

JOSEPH (born 2002) was abandoned as an infant. He was taken care of by nurses at a hospital. This was just an interim solution. Since September 2011 he lives at St. Nicholaus. Joseph goes to primary school. His best friends are Christoph and Anthony. He likes to take care of the smaller and disabled children. Joseph has an exceptional gift for learning languages and speaks quite a bit of English and even German.

ASIMWE (born 2000) was born with a severe congenital skin disease that affects her entire body and if very disfiguring. In addition, Asimwe often has ear infections and as a result is hard of hearing. Her parents failed to find medical help for her and did not know how to cope with their daughter’s condition. When we met Asimwe in 2011, she was very depressed, hardly talked and kept to herself. Since December 2011 she lives at St. Nicholaus and since January 2012 she attends school. Today she is a happy child. She likes to dress well and takes care of her appearance. She takes medicine from Germany for her skin condition. Unfortunately, this medicine can only ease her condition slightly.

ELLIOT (born 2007) has a mental disability. She is a happy and heartfelt child who laughs a lot. Her mother died when Elliot was small. Since then she lived with relatives who perceived her as a burden and were unable to continue to take care of her. Since April 2013 she lives at St. Nicholaus.

AGNES (born 2010) come to St. Nicholaus in August 2012. Her mother died of AIDS in October 2012. Fortunately, Agnes is not infected. She is a happy child who likes to follow and imitate the older girls at St. Nicholaus. Her best friend is Chiara.

DANIEL (born 2008) the mother died when he was just a few months old. His father took him to an orphanage. When he was about one year old, his rather unusual behavior became apparent. Daniel has autism. Since March 2011 he is living with us. Physically he is well and over time he has become much more responsive. Daniel is charming and rather popular but he needs a lot of one-on-one attention.

AISHA (born 2007) Aisha’s mother died when she was 3 months old. Her father then took her to an orphanage. Since September 2011 she lives at St. Nicholaus and attends primary school. She is a very loving child.

ANTHONY (born 2002) was abandoned as a baby. Together with Joseph and Magdalena he grew up at the hospital. In September 2011 he too moved to St. Nicholaus. He attends primary school but because of his learning disability school is difficult for him and he does not like it. Anthony loves to play with toy cars and to look at picture books.

ANNAJOYCE (born 2005) was born with Spina Bifida. Her mother died suddenly in 2011 and the father took the 5 children to live with the grandmother. The grandmother tries to take care of the children as well as possible. However, because of her disability, Annajoyce needs special care. Since April 2012 she lives at St. Nicholaus and attends school. She is a happy child who learns to cope with her disability. She is the best student in class. Her grandmother and siblings come to visit her regularly.

STEVEN (born 2003) is the brother of Maria. He has a mental disability but physically he is fine. Shortly after his birth hew was taken to a foster mother because his parents could not care for him. He too moved to St. Nicholaus in September 2011. He is a lovely child. He knows how to sit quietly in the midst of noise and commotion.

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