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Pentecost 2011

11.6.2011 Nazalius, Stefanie mit Christoph und Daniel, Helswida mit Aisha

„The Spirit of the Lord fills the whole world.IIt holds all things together
and knows every word spoken by man, Alleluia.“ Wisdom 1:7

Many Greetings for the Feast of Pentecost from Kemondo, Tanzania!

Today we are celebrating the feast of the Holy Spirit and the Birthday of the Church. In Kemondo we will celebrate both to the fullest!

I am happy to announce that on May 25th Christoph joined our family. Christoph was abondoned and found about a year ago. The social welfare office placed him at a government owned nursing home. They now asked me to take the child into my care and I am happy to do so. We presume that Christoph is between 3 and 4 years old. He is bright and happy and talking. Unfortunately, cerebral palsy is disabling most of his body. We have started physical therapy and I am sure he will be able do learn a lot. By now he has adjusted well to his new family and is happy to have siblings who play with him.

St. Nicholas Children´s Center is looking more homey every day. One half of the building complex is almost ready. The walls are painted, the workmen are fixing the bathrooms right now, even the beds were already delivered. Roofing is being fixed on the second half of the building.

We have electricity and are now working on our water supply. At present we are building a huge water tank to store the rain water. In addition to that we will also have to drill a well because the dry season can be long. We hope to be able to move in sometime in August.

God´s blessings,

Stefanie and the children of St. Nicholas

25.5.2011 Aisha mit Otto, Daniel, Christoph, Anita mit Paul

11.6.2011 Helswida mit Maria

11.6.2011 Helswida withMaria

9.6.2011 Mariselina mit Daniel

9.6.2011 Mariselina with Daniel

11.6.2011 Christoph, Aisha, Daniel, Anita

11.6.2011 Christoph, Aisha, Daniel, Anita