Nicholas 2012

Dear Friends and Supporters of St. Nicholas Children’s Center,

Heartfelt greetings on the second Sunday of Advent and belated greetings for the feast of St. Nicholas. In many European countries it is a custom to celebrate his feast day on December 6th. Children put out a shoe the night before in the hope to find a gift placed in that shoe the following morning.

5.12.2012 The Children with their miter.

5.12.2012 The Children with their miter. 

Since St. Nicholas is our Patron Saint we made sure to be well prepared for his feast day. The day before the children cleaned all of their shoes. After all, it would not be polite to present a dirty shoe to St. Nicholas expecting him to place a gift inside. Afterwards the children colored pictures of the Saint and we decorated our living room with these pictures. Because we could not decide who should be St. Nicholas this year, we agreed that all the children should be a Bishop. Therefore, we made Bishop’s hats for each child and everyone dressed in red (see the pictures attached).

The children were so excited to find little tokens in their shoes the following morning. Highlight of the day was Holy Mass celebrated in our living room in the afternoon. Sisters and parishioners joined us. Father Vedastus also blessed the statue of the Blessed Mother that was given to us recently, a present from a donor in the US. The next day we had one more celebration – the end of the school year with school reports and a farewell to the older students who finished school. Every class did a short presentation of some kind. Now the kids are on holiday until January 7th.

Although we do not hear Christmas Carols wherever we go; stores are not decorated; and we do not expect to have a “White Christmas”; we are nevertheless celebrating the Advent Season and are counting the days until the Birth of Christ.

We wish you a Peaceful Advent Season, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,
Your St. Nicholaus Children – Christoph , Mtagwaba , Daniel , Maria , Asimwe , Stephen , Aisha , Annajoyce , Anita , Magdalena , Nazalius , Agnes , Chiara , Joseph , Anthony  and  Stefanie Köster

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