Nikolaushaus e.V.

St. Nicholaus Children´s Center Kemondo

Stefanie Köster

Bukoba Catholic Diocese
P.O. Box 1777 Bukoba
Tanzania, East Africa

Phone.: +255 756 751 605

Please do not send us any more packages to St. Nicholaus!

We know that you mean well but the Tanzanian law has changed recently. From now on ALL packages are opened by customs and they charge 50 % of the value stated on package.It also means three trips to the post office, three trips to the customs office and one trip to the bank to make the payment which easily takes two hours of running around town before the package is released to us. Food, medicine and cosmetics cannot be sent at all. They need special custom forms and permits which are impossible to get. So please never send these items. However, you can still send us small things in padded envelops. Those are no trouble at all and don’t get opened by customs. Thank you for your understanding!

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