Christmas 2013

Nikolaus / Santa Claus

Dear Friends and Supporters of St. Nicholaus Children’s Center Kemondo!

On Saturday, December 7th, we celebrated our patron St. Nicholaus. Actually St. Nicholaus came on time on the eve of December 6th, but because this day happened to be the last day of school for our children including a big school celebration, we moved our celebration to the following day. Together with the Franciscan Sisters from San Damiano Mission, friends and supporters from our parish we celebrated Holy Mass in our living room. As you can see on the picture above, this year our two youngest were acting as St. Nicholaus.

By now we have 18 children. The twin girls Editha and Edina came to us in the beginning of October. Their mother is mentally challenged and could not provide for the children. The twins are four and a half years old. However, they are very much delayed in their development. Editha is more like a one and a half year old child and Edina like a 3-year old.
Together with Chiara and Agnes we now have four cute little girls ranging in age between two and four years old. They like to take control over the house in the morning while the older children are in school! The children are the best therapists for each other. Within a few weeks Editha has learned to walk because she wants to keep up with the others. Who knows how much fun she would miss otherwise?

Our nine school children are on break now for five weeks. The new school year will start on January 13th. This time all children passed their exams. Annajoyce who has Spina Bifida had to repeat last year was now awarded a gift from the school for being the best student in her class!
Overall, our children have made good progress this past year. Maria, our oldest, turned 17. Chiara, our youngest, is two. Mtagwaba who is four years old and has cerebral palsy just learned to crawl and has started to explore his world. Asimwe has celebrated her first Holy Communion.

We thank all of you for your faithful support. Without your support our work at St. Nicholaus would not be possible.
Please remember our children and caregivers in your prayers.

All of us from St. Nicholaus are wishing you merry Christmas
and God’s blessings for the New Year 2014!

Stefanie Köster

our two youngest as St. Nicholaus

Merry Christmas
Happy New Year

19.12.2013-WeihnachtsbaeckereiChristmas bakery

Mtagwaba has discovered his shoe

6.12.2013_Nikolausmorgen Kinder haben Schuhe entdeckt
 the children discovered the treats in their shoes

Supper during Advent

 Magdalena is making cookie
 Magdalena is making cookie